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Security Rules For Any Family
Today, there is more and more importance placed on protecting your home with fire detectors, security cameras, alarms, and related security devices. Perhaps just as important is adjusting your behaviors so that you do not place yourself in undue...
Category:   Security and Safety
Self Defense and Public Transportation
If you depend on public transportation to get to work or school, then you surely understand how scary it can be sometimes. Whether you take a train, bus or fast transit system, public transportation will put you face to face with hundreds of...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Should You Worry About Child Molesters
Should you be worried about convicted child molesters living in your neighborhood? If you think this is none of your business, or that your children are safe from them, think again.
Category:   Children and Parenting
The Top Five Features of Your Home That Are Harming Your Home Security
Those who take pride in the appearance of their home often don't consider the detrimental effect that these improvements could potentially have on their home security. In fact, many of the most common upgrades actually make your home easier to...
Category:   Security and Safety
Tips For Reducing False Burglar Alarms
Security alarms on homes and business are one of the most effective crime fighting tools available. However, a system that is constantly sending false alarms is a problem, not only for the homeowner but also for law enforcement.
Category:   Security and Safety
What Do Thieves Want From Your Wallet or Purse - Some Surprising Targets
When a thief demands your wallet or purse, it is obvious that they are after your money. Beyond this, there are many other potential targets contained in the purse or wallet. Although identity thieves are becoming more sophisticated, the typical...
Category:   Crime

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