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9 Critical Steps to Take if Your Purse or Wallet is Stolen
These days, many women seem to carry everything but the kitchen sink in their purse. Even guys carry more and more of the essentials in their pocket or wallet. When your purse or wallet is stolen, it can mean a major upheaval in your daily life...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Crime Prevention Checklist - Are You Doing Everything You Should Be Doing to Protect Yourself
In the modern world, you can fall victim to crime everywhere you go, from the mall to your school and yes, even at home. Although it's impossible to completely eliminate the risk of crime from your daily life, a few simple steps can dramatically...
Category:   Crime
Famous Bodyguard Organizations Throughout History
Bodyguards provide both personal and home security and have protected some of the world's most influential people for hundreds of years. Well-known bodyguard organizations, both real and fictitious, have figured heavily in the media because they...
Category:   Workplace Safety
Fighting a Thief Over Your Wallet, Purse or Keys
There is a lot of advice out there about whether or not you should try to keep your purse or wallet from being taken by an attacker. Preventive measures are crucial, of course, for avoiding this scenario, but what happens if you are face to face...
Category:   Crime
Gated Communities and Home Security
While the idea behind living in a gated community is that it is safe from the outside world, part of the danger of living there is that families let their guard down. Gated communities are not always as safe as their residents assume. Here are...
Category:   Security and Safety
Hide-a-Keys and Surprising House Key Security Tips
Are you worried about getting locked out of your home, but wary of keeping a key outside for fear that a burglar might find it? This fear is probably well-placed; nearly all burglars will automatically look under doormats and flower pots to find...
Category:   Security and Safety
Home Safety Tips For Women Living Alone
Living alone can be an exciting new experience for anyone. Living by your own rules rather than following someone else's desires and routines can feel liberating, but it also comes with some important safety concerns.
Category:   Security and Safety
Home Security and Earthquakes
With recent seismic activity in the news lately, more and more people are finally thinking about what they would do if an earthquake hit a little closer to home. While some parts of the United States are seemingly immune to this particular natural...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
How Criminals Can Use Your Trash
As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, but perhaps not in the ways that you'd expect. Unfortunately, these days we must be very careful about the information we share about ourselves. Personal information, even facts that...
Category:   Crime
Is it Time to Change the Locks?
Many people are far too generous with their house keys, never thinking that this might come back to harm them. Perhaps you give copies of the key to your house sitter, to your best friends, and of course, to your roommates and their significant...
Category:   Security and Safety

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