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Human Pheromones - Scented Vs. Oil Based
Unlike popular belief, pheromones for humans do exist! However, it is not some miracle cure and the opposite sex isn't going to launch themselves at you in masses. If it was the case, everyone would be using them. Like animals, humans do react to...
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The Pheromones Evolution
The primary use of sex remains for reproduction purposes. Human beings are one of the rare species that roams mother-earth that has sex for pleasure. Nowadays, sex is more widely used for pleasure purposes, hence why the sex industry is so gigantic.
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Understanding Pheromones In The Animal Kingdom
Pheromones are essential to the animal kingdom. Animals, which possess a high sense of smell, often use their sense of smell to get direction, investigate another territory or of course, select a potential mate. Ever walked in the woods and then...
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