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Building a New Home: Good Reasons to Upgrade the Insulation
Making your home more energy efficient can have a huge impact on your monthly energy bills as well as the environmental footprint created by your family. One of the best ways to make your home green and save on your.
Category:   Doors and Windows
Difference Between a Pre Qualification and Pre Approval
What is Pre Approval Versus Pre Qualification? One of the most important steps that you will need to take to purchase a new home is to obtain financing for the purchase. Whether you are working with a mortgage broker or your local bank, you will...
Category:   Mortgage and Refinancing
Home Upgrades That Increase the Sales Price of Your Home
When you decide to complete a major home improvement project you want to make sure that the value you add to the home is closely connected to the project's cost. There are many upgrades that...
Category:   Home Staging
HVAC Systems That Qualify For Green Construction
Heating and air conditioning your home is where a majority of your energy is used each month. For this reason many people are looking to install energy efficient HVAC systems so they can save themselves money over the long term and reduce the...
Category:   Green Real Estate
Types of Windows That Qualify For Green Windows
One of the best ways to make an older home "greener" is to add modern energy efficient window replacements. But what are the types of windows that qualify as green windows.
Category:   Green Real Estate
What is a Short Sale? Short Sales Explained
The difficult real estate market along the South Carolina coast and the rest of the country has led to short sales becoming more common nationwide. Whether you are considering buying a short sale home or condo, or need to complete a short sale to...
Category:   Selling a Home