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A Comparison of the Eastern and Western Dragon
The Dragon has been an integral part of the folklore of several countries for centuries together now. While there are legends galore surrounding them, the question as to whether these creatures really existed is still not clear.
Category:   Culture Concepts
All That You Wanted to Know About Country Decor Ideas
If you are looking to give that much needed facelift to your home, then you need not look beyond country home decorating ideas. You can create a home that is inviting and functional at the same time thanks to the number of ideas that you can find...
Category:   Interior Design and Decorating
Are You Expecting a Baby? Here Are Things You Certainly Did Not Expect
The period when you are expecting your baby is probably one of the most beautiful yet anxious times of your life. This is particularly so if this is your first pregnancy and you have no idea of what to expect.
Category:   Pregnancy
Are You Sure That Your Tattoo Parlor Uses Safe Practices
Getting tattoos has become so commonplace these days that having one no longer raises eyebrows. There are lots of tattoo parlors available and you can easily find one in your locality.
Category:   Arts and Entertainment
Do Fairies Exist - What Would You Answer Your Daughter?
Does your daughter believe in fairies? Should you encourage this? Most little girls go through phases when they believe in fairies and elves.
Category:   Children and Parenting
Do You Have an Energy Vampire in Your House?
Are you sure that you are doing everything you can to reduce expenses? Most people end up paying more than they have to on their power bills because of a steady leakage of electricity through electronic appliances even when they are in switched...
Category:   Energy
Get White Teeth For a Better Smile
Your teeth can be one of your best assets if they are even and white. A bright open smile is said to be the best adornment a person can have. You should therefore do all you can to keep your teeth clean and gleaming white.
Category:   Dental Care
Green Politics - Is This the Way to a Safer Planet?
Anybody who has the slightest knowledge of the world around us knows that our planet is heading for troubled times. There are parts of the world where the population is growing unchecked leading to an ecological crisis. On the other hand...
Category:   Politics and Government
Hello Kitty - Fictional Character Turns Global Phenomenon
When the Japanese company Sanrio first introduced Hello Kitty to the local market in 1974, they had no inkling of just how popular the cute little figure would become worldwide. The little Japanese bobtail cat with a prominent red bow on her head...
Category:   Arts and Entertainment
Key Steps Involved in Diagnosis of Death
Contrary to what many people think, the duty of a medical practitioner does not get over with treating patients only. There are other key areas that he or she needs to look into, for example, the diagnosis of death.
Category:   General Health

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