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Why Only Writing About What You Know is a Silly Rule?
Here's one cliche we've heard repeated innumerable times: only write about what you know. While there's definite value in it, that idea is as far from sensible as you can take it. It's nonsense.Do you think you can...
Category:   Writing
Write From Your Whole Self
If you aim to write a meaningful and successful content, then you should write deeply from your heart. Which also means, you need to write from your whole self.
Category:   Writing
Writing A Good Paper Is Like Building A House
Some people say that writing a good paper is like building a strong house. I couldn't agree more. The writing process is a long and tedious activity consisting of many steps.
Category:   Writing
Writing As Yourself
Writing needs you to be with yourself. That means, your mind and your heart must a common interest for the topic that you are going to write. This will help you to express what you really feel and think about your topic and for you to extend...
Category:   Writing
Writing For SEO: Choosing the Wrong Words
SEO has been dominating the web nowadays. You keep on hearing it when it comes to increasing the traffic towards your website. But, if you were being asked, do you know what the meaning of SEO is?
Category:   Search Engines Marketing and Optimization (SEO)
Writing Long: When Short And Sweet Just Don't Cut It
Are you disturbed with how much you write within a given writing task? Is it because you can't write longer pieces and words just won't come out of your mind? Although you have the need to write you just can't seem to think of the possible...
Category:   Writing
Writing Myths: Writing in One Big Torrent
It is true that writing is not just an ordinary thing to do. It takes a lot of responsibilities too. As a writer, you need to know these responsibilities for your writing.
Category:   Writing
Writing That Can Confuse Your Readers
It's really hard when you found yourself reading a certain piece where you think it's interesting but the content seems to be so confusing. Blur content is a result of writing such a confusing piece.
Category:   Writing
Writing Without Apology
How to write without apology? Do you read it right or are you confuse why the title is stated like that? Truth is, you heard the title right. Have you ever read any text or articles where the author sounded like he is...
Category:   Writing

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