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The Unreliable Narrator: How to Lose Readers Fast
Have you ever found yourself reading a piece of fiction only to suddenly decide that you don't want to bother listening to the narrator It can happen because the writing is so terrible that you can't bear to sit through it.
Category:   Writing
The Value of Being Precise
Writing your contents in a precise manner is just the right thing that you need to do. In order to produce such an effective content, you need to write it clearly, concisely and accurately.
Category:   Writing
Things You Should Avoid While Drafting
If you are planning to start writing your topics down, always draft your work first. Writing your first draft enables you to think well and focus with your topic. In this process, you don't have to bother about...
Category:   Writing
Three Hints That You Need a Technical Writer
There are a lot of reasons why writing is very important. You've got to write for the sake your grades at school. You've got to write to get the job you want. Writing is also applicable in any professional jobs especially...
Category:   Technical Writing
Types of Newsletters and Their Content
Newsletters are just one of the many ways in writing that draws a line between the writer and his audience. It serves as to communicate and share significant news to every reader out there whether they are local citizens, students or...
Category:   Writing
Using White Papers For Good, Not For Evil
Ever heard about writing on a white paper? Do you know what that means? It is not something like writing on a white piece of paper. That's how some people interpret it literally.
Category:   Writing
Want to Make Writing Your Career?
Looking to make a career out of writing? There's a gulf of difference between a person who writes on their own time to a professional who churns out copy.
Category:   Career Advice
What Poor Writing Communicates
Have you notice how people nowadays spell their conversations through texting, chatting or simply by sending emails?Notice how our writing changed from formal and organize content writing to a just a simple yet easy way of communicating.
Category:   Writing
What, Me, Buy an Essay?
It is very a usual thing that students experienced the pressures and stresses at school every now and then especially if they are enrolled in a modern and standard institutions or college universities. That will likely give them a headache...
Category:   Writing
When to Organize Your Essay With a Problem-Solution Structure
Basically, people are searching for facts regarding the problem that they are going to find an answer for. In order to solve their queries about a particular subject, they need to learn more about it and how these facts can satisfy their...
Category:   Writing

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