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Spending Enough Time With Your Piece
Usually, when it comes into writing especially if you are not used to it, you just have to write what the given topic is telling you and with a little of grammar and spelling checks, then it's all set. Sometimes, we forgot to spend more time...
Category:   Writing
Stop Talking, Start Writing
Ever met someone who never shut up about the novel they're going to write? You meet them three years later and they're still telling the same story. Somehow, you get the inkling that they're never going to...
Category:   Writing
Style Tips For Complaint Letters
Complaint letter writing is usually done in any business field. Usually, the customer or the client can wrote one if they find something wrong about the product or service that they had purchased by a certain company and feels frustrated about...
Category:   Writing
The Basics of Argumentative Essays
Not all writers are gifted to have such skills in writing especially when it comes in constructing arguments in your essay. It needs such creative skills to make it work and let your arguments appear as the subject for your essay writing.
Category:   Writing
The Different Types of Figurative Language
If there is a figurative language that I guess you all know what that means, then there is also what we called figurative writing. This is based on the definition of figurative language but only, you have to use or include it into writing.
Category:   Writing
The First Draft
Writing the first draft is what you are going to do after you had gathered all the necessary information to support your topic, planning out your whole content and after you had prepared your ideas for the subject that you are going to write.
Category:   Writing
The Importance of Verifying Facts
No matter how well you compose a piece of writing, no amount of creative technique will save your work if your details aren't correct. That's why checking facts is just as important to writing as using a grammar checker - your work's...
Category:   Writing
The Need For Focus
The most common problem that a writer faces is how to focus their attention into their writing task. There are times where you don't really feel like writing a piece and your mind is filled with different thoughts that are not related to the...
Category:   Writing
The Topic Sentence: When to Use It
In a short article writing, the first sentences is always the most important part than the rest of the sentences in the content. The first sentence is usually known as the topic sentence which contains the main idea of the article.
Category:   Writing
The Two Skills of Writing
Writing is such a very complicated task. You need to undergo a lot of process and learn more things that will aid you to write better and successfully.
Category:   Writing

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