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How to Get a Better Essay Score?
When writing for academic essays, students usually aimed to write a better and qualified content to get an A in their class. Although it is a bit annoying when essay writing becomes a daily homework in most colleges and universities, still,...
Category:   Writing
How to Get a Headstart in Writing Feature Articles
It is fun to write feature articles. In this kind of writing, you don't have to be so serious with the words that you are going to use in your content. This is more on the creative side of a writer. For somehow, you need to be very...
Category:   Writing
How to Handle Criticism
Criticism is not something that's very easy to take. After all, it consists of someone telling you that you're wrong - who the hell needs that?
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
How to Handle Resistant Readers?
Writing is basically more on public relations and influencing them regarding what your topic is all about. However, it is always true that writing isn't just a simple task that you can always do.
Category:   Writing
How to Make an Essay "Yours?"
Of course, when you write an essay or any article, this makes it yours. Who could've stolen it? It's going to be yours since you wrote it by yourself. However, did you ever think that even if you are writing an article by yourself, there's...
Category:   Writing
How To Make Editing Your Drafts An Easier Proposition
Like to write, hate to edit? I'm with you on that. Many writers I know are the same way. However, there's no way around it. Editing is truly what shapes a piece, turning a pile of clay into a statue worth displaying.
Category:   Writing
How to Perform Solid Research
Writing a research is not a new thing for us all. In fact, research writing is always taught at schools and in any universities.
Category:   Writing
How to Practice Revising?
When writing, you still need to undergo a lot of things. These include knowing and understanding your topic first. Digging for the right information that help you to explain further your topic and you can even use it as evidence which will...
Category:   Writing
How to Present a Good Report?
Are you aiming to write a good report? Do you still on the process on writing it? Well, if you are having such a hard time with that, always keep in your mind that you are writing just because you want your work to be read by someone else.
Category:   Writing
How to Revise Fiction
Yes it's true that writing fictions is such an interesting yet challenging thing to do. After all, you will find yourself in the end writing for the first draft while letting your ideas flow over and include it in your writing.
Category:   Writing

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