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How to Answer Essay-Type Exams
When you take exams in school, it's not uncommon to stumble upon essay-type questions as regular parts of the test. They usually turn up in almost every subject, from mathematics to history to the sciences.
Category:   Writing
How to Avoid Fluff?
There are times where you feel like you wanted to write perfectly. It is as if you wanted to write without any mistake while you are still on your first draft.
Category:   Writing
How to Avoid Writing in Primer Style?
If you are a first time writer and assigned not to write in primer style, you might wonder what does it mean and why it exist? Writing is more on putting up words together to form a complete thought and where ideas of the writer can be...
Category:   Writing
How to Be Comfortable Writing in the Third Person
A writer can use any writing style depending upon they selection. Writing is a way to communicate with your audience and to convey a message between a writer and his readers.
Category:   Writing
How to Choose a Point of View For Your Story
Basically, writers do have the capacity to state their own opinions or ideas in any manner. There are different tones of writing and there are also a lot of forms of writing either for business, entertainment and educational purposes.
Category:   Writing
How to Convince Your Readers by Raising Your Product's Perceived Value
Writing plays a very important role in the business world. If you want to let your readers know about the business you are going to invest, you can write something about a certain product or services that you can offer.
Category:   Writing
How to Cope With Deadlines
You are most likely looking for a solution on how to write fast and cope up with your writing deadline. It is true that there are times where you didn't catch the deadline since there are a lot of people who experienced the same thing.
Category:   Writing
How to Correctly Use Numbers on Your Titles
Numbers are often used in writing. It usually appears on the content. But, what if you are going to include numbers in the title of your composition? do you know how to place them the right way?
Category:   Writing
How to Do a Close Reading For Detailed Research?
When writing a research paper, it has to be factual. Therefore, when you already have your own topic for writing, always make sure to dig up for facts a soon as possible.
Category:   Writing
How to Establish Believability in Fiction Writing?
Fiction is a work of the imagination. You don't have to argue with me on that. Regardless, that doesn't mean you should let your imagination run too wild that you begin stretching the facts. That's because...
Category:   Writing

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