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Descriptions: Using Too Much and Using Too Little
Descriptions are crucial for creating a setting in any story. Without it, your reader won't be able to gather a sense of time, place or mood - all of which are critical elements to a powerful tale.
Category:   Writing
Do You Have to Love Your Subject When You Write?
A good writer should be able to write competently about anything. Regardless of their feelings for a subject, they should be able to find the words to express their topic clearly.
Category:   Writing
Emergency Fiction Writing: Drafting Up a Story
Writing stories can be fun and challenging. Sometimes, you tend to be drawn by the story itself. Most readers really like reading stories especially those ones that are interesting and thrilling.
Category:   Writing
Fiction Writing: The Elements of Plot
In fiction, the plot refers to the action that transpires during the course of the story. Together with the character and the setting, the plot makes up the body of your writing, craftily relayed by your own abilities with the help of your...
Category:   Writing
Finding the Hook in Your Writing
If you are going to write, you need to hook your readers. It has been a secret recipe in writing. To catch your reader's interest is what you need to do. In order to hook your readers, you must...
Category:   Writing
Four Editing Tips That Should Help Your Writing
For those who are not yet aware on how to write well, here's what you need to know. Writing is not more on jotting down words that will construct your content. It is also important to know and go through the editing process.
Category:   Writing
Four Things Your Editorial Can Do
Do you usually read a newspaper very day or for some time? Even though modern technologies are fast approaching and fast growing in our industrialized world, when it comes to newspaper and other forms of publication writing, there is also...
Category:   Writing
Four Ways to Combine Sentences
Sentences are very useful in declaring and stating your ideas in writing. But when your sentences are poorly written, then your content is of no use or will likely be found as a trash.
Category:   Writing
Good Dialogue: What Can it Do?
New into writing? Then welcome to the club. To help you start with, here's a reminder for you. Writing is not just a simple thing that you can only just take it for granted. It has a lot of forms and a lot of considerations to follow.
Category:   Writing
How Point of View Works For Fiction
Writers are entitled with their own point of views. This is one of the element of writing where ideas are shared fairly in their contents.
Category:   Writing

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