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3 Ways to Dress Up Your Writing With Details
You'd read the title right. You need to know how to dress up your writing by placing the necessary details that fit your topic.
Category:   Writing
A Checklist For Writing Concisely
Whatever you purpose in writing, you always have this though of writing concisely in order to get a better chance of people to read your work. It is really not easy to garner a lot of readers with just a click.
Category:   Writing
A Checklist For Writing Your Research Paper
Have you been tasked to write a research paper? Well, that's a good thing to do. What are your plans? How are you going to start it?
Category:   Writing
Abstract Versus Concrete Writing
In writing, there has been a conflict on how to write your content effectively. Many writers have been in a situation on what to decide between concrete and abstract writing.
Category:   Writing
Big Writing Goals? Start With a Big Idea
In writing, it is very important to have your own writing goals. This makes you drive on with your work rater than to take it for granted and allow writing deadlines to come quickly without warning.
Category:   Writing
Blogging Tips For Beginning Writers
Are you planning to start a blog soon? What a nice choice. So now you are planning to improve your writing skills even more and make use your abilities out of it.
Category:   Blogging
Book Reports For Middle and High School Level Students
It is indeed a fact that everyone has a busy life to face each day but when it comes in writing creatively and maintaining it sharp, we always fall in to spending most of our time in reading longer passages and articles over the internet or...
Category:   Writing
Crafting An Effective Argument By Repeating Points
In order to provide such an interesting write-up, you've got to use effective arguments that will fit your topic. It requires logical thinking, analysis about the topic and your creative way of organizing your ideas.
Category:   Writing
Creating a Writing Habit
We've heard it time and again. Yet, I've met very few writers who actually follow the advice of turning writing into a habit. Since you still have plenty of time doing nothing, why not...
Category:   Writing
Cut and Paste Revising
I hate revising as much as the next guy. Regardless I can't deny its value. To lessen the load, most writers come up with personal rules to make the process more streamlined. The "cut and paste" method is one of those.
Category:   Writing

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