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BitCoin Value - What Is It?
To understand the BitCoin value, we need to first understand the true meaning of the word "value". Do not make the mistake of confusing an item's value and its price. The price of an item only refers to how much money you'll need to give in order...
Category:   Currency Trading
What Affects the Bitcoin Price?
The BitCoin Price and the BitCoin value are not related to each other. The Bitcoin price only refers to the direct monetary costs of acquiring BitCoins - it is an objective factor. The value of BitCoins however refers to its perceived usefulness...
Category:   Currency Trading
What Are BitCoins?
Bitcoins are a decentralized, open-source, worldwide digital currency. It is not controlled by any bank or owned by any government. Unlike other currencies, Bitcoin transactions are transparent and can be verified on the global Bitcoin...
Category:   Currency Trading