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Steven Case is an author of the blog and of the book How To Quit Smoking: Ex-Smoker's Guide To an Easy, Quick and Permanent Way to Give Up Smoking, which is available on Amazon.

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7 Shocking Ways Smoking Can Kill You and Your Loved Ones
When it comes to cigarette smoking we all know that it might kill you by causing cancer or heart attack These are the most widely known ways how smoking can kill you. In addition to causing widespread damage to our health, cigarette has many other...
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How Smoking Messes Up Your Digestion
You are smoking cigarettes not eating them so smoking can't be that bad for your stomach... can it? It can and it is. Like all good stories this begins at the beginning...
Category:   Quit Smoking
Is E-Cigarette Dangerously Unregulated?
No need to make long introductions or discuss this. The question is "Is e-cigarette dangerously unregulated?" and the answer is a firm Yes. E-cigarettes are dangerously unregulated and here is the proof straight from...
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Keep Your Weight Down While Quitting Smoking With 3 Easy Strategies
We all heard the rumor that every model smokes to keep her weight down. It is also said that in order to achieve same result models also consume cocaine.
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Myth of Healthy E-Cigarette
Have you seen those crazy cigarette ads from the 50s and 60s about doctors choosing Camels You might think that such thing couldn't happen today. But it does. Born out of desperation, electronic cigarettes were introduced in 2004...
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