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18 Items Needed in Bug-out-Bag
A bug-out bag is basically a bag to just grab and go in an emergency when you decide to abandon the house and head for the hills or to another safer location. This should be packed and ready at all times. We know you can't carry everything you...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
9 Skills to Barter
When most people think about barter in or after a crisis, they think of what do I have of material value like gold, silver or tools that can be used to barter. The problem is that word will get out that you the one with the goods. This can make...
Category:   Survival and Emergency
Emergency Preparedness
Most people want to be prepared in case of a natural disaster or man caused disaster. Many of these same people don't do any emergency preparedness planning because of not knowing where to begin or think that it would be too much money or because...
Category:   Survival and Emergency