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History of Drinking and Driving in Canada
Canada has had a long history of combating drinking and driving. When 'driving while intoxicated' became a summary offence under the Criminal Code in 1921, the laws were not as strict as they are today because back then, people who were found...
Category:   Traffic or Vehicle Accidents
How to Get Your Real Estate License
People from all over the country are trying to find new jobs and new ways to earn extra money. If you are having a hard time supporting your family, you might want to switch careers. If you can, look into how to get your real estate license.
Category:   General
Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases
Personal injury cases are a type of legal case wherein one person or entity is held liable for injuring another person. This liability usually takes the form of the liable party having to pay for medical and other expenses, lost wages, and...
Category:   Personal Injury
The Biggest Legal Misconceptions
Television dramas and movies often lead people to draw conclusions about the legal system and the way it works. Shows such as Law & Order and other TV dramas shed the light on some legality in the court system, but not all over the factors in the...
Category:   Law and Legal
The Medical Expert and his or her Role in Court Proceedings
Medical experts have been used in state and federal courts for decades. Their primary role is to explain to a jury or other justice panel exactly what they believe medically speaking, with regard to a party involved in the legal proceeding.
Category:   Career Advice
What Is the Role of the Court Reporter?
If you've ever been to a courtroom during a trial, or watch a TV show or movie depicting a courtroom proceeding, then you've probably noticed a court reporter. Court reporters are the people who you see sitting off to the side of courtroom...
Category:   Legal Profession

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