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10 Best Practices For a Compelling About Page That Works
Could you be turning off visitors on your website without even knowing it? Unfortunately that's exactly what many online business owners are doing on their websites. When you think about it, people perusing your website are potential clients...
Category:   Web Design
4 Ways to Make More Money With Social Media Marketing
I'm sure you've heard plenty of stories about how people built million-dollar empires overnight using Facebook. But if you ask real business owners, the fact is, many of them haven't figured out the "Facebook thing" and how to use social media to...
Category:   Internet Marketing
5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Faced With Negative Online Reviews and What to Do About Them
It's a business fact that every now and then something goes awry and a customer ends up being upset. And when a customer feels your product or service didn't live up to their expectations, sometimes they want to tell the world. Loudly. And it's not..
Category:   Business Marketing
Get Your Website Mobile Ready Or Lose Business
If there's one thing you really need to focus on as a business owner this year, it's getting your website optimized for mobile use. Why? The search engine game has changed - again. In the past, most online searches used to be performed from desktop..
Category:   Web Development
Small Acts of Kindness That Grow Your Bottom Line
Have you ever gone out of your way to make someone feel special? When Daniel and I were involved in KindActs, a local Random Acts of Kindness Foundation chapter, it was our mission to spread the word on how powerful acts of kindness can be on others.
Category:   Entrepreneurship