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Don't Forget About the Bathrooms
When I am looking at a house to buy, I don't really care how regal the bathrooms are. I only care that there are at least two and a half bathrooms in the house. For me, there should be one bathroom for every two people in the house.
Category:   Buying a Home
How do I Get Funding For my Business
With a good promotional campaign, these can be successful. One of the first ways to promote are with friends and family. Don't forget the power of social media. Also, some of the funding vehicles allow you to give something back...
Category:   Funding and Financing
The Things You do For Your First Born
In July of 1997, we had our first child that actually made it the whole nine months to birth...My experience at the birth is probably pretty similar to most Dads. I tried to help. I got yelled at for helping the wrong way. When it was time to push...
Category:   Children and Parenting
These Car Accidents Can be Life Changing
On this already interesting night, we hit the highway home. It started snowing very hard. My wife of three months, who was just learning to drive in the snow, drove. As she was driving ,the cars behind us got closer as we were moving slower...
Category:   Traffic or Vehicle Accidents

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