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I am Shaun and I am an experienced business developer that can help you write business plan and to find investors.

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Business Management Plan as Way to Represent Your Business Opportunities
Those people that are going to start a new business will always experience a need in composing a business plan. But a business plan consists of a lot of parts and one of the necessary ones is considered to be a Management Plan. In other words...
Category:   Business Management
Family Budget and Ways to Reduce Your Expenses
Any family that uses a budget for managing finances considers it to be a perfect financial tool that helps save money. Experts consider that there will be different types of family budgets but in most cases it is classified according to the needs...
Category:   Finance
Recommendations on Starting Business and Attracting Investors
To start realization of your business idea, you need to evaluate what you have, including asserts and skills. Your first business may be simple and it should not require a lot of money. To raise the initial capital, you may start with...
Category:   Funding and Financing