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Choosing a Real Estate Agent: Red Flags to Look For
Whether you are buying a home or selling a home it is important to choose the right real estate agent because if you choose the wrong agent the transactions can be botched leaving you without a home to buy or the inability to sell your home...
Category:   Real Estate
Coping With Anxiety
When a person is suffering from anxiety it is their body's way of naturally responding toward a perceived threat but this does not always mean a physical threat. It could be feeling anxious about going on a blind date or having to give...
Category:   Stress and Anger Management
Preparing For a Child Custody Hearing
Many times couples who are filing for divorce agree as to how the custody of the children should go, how much child support should be, and how visitation should be set up. Unfortunately, there are some couples who make these issues a major...
Category:   Children and Parenting
Trouble Shooting Air Conditioner Problems
If you have an air conditioner it is important that it works well because when it does you are saving money and energy along with keep your home cool during the summer months. Many things can be wrong with your air conditioner and cause it not...
Category:   Appliances and Electronics