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Ching is the CEO and co-founder of iMoney, a leading price comparison website in Malaysia. Prior to iMoney, he was an investment consultant, advising clients ranging from $5 million to $500 million on investment related matters. He is also a CFA & CAIA Charterholder, two prestigious professional qualifications in the finance field.

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Introduction To Asset Class
The word "asset" can be interpreted in many ways. Generally, an asset is defined as something of value to someone. A car is an asset. A house is an asset too. Even something as abstract as "knowledge" is considered an asset...
Category:   Investing
Islamic Banking Deposit: How Does It Work
Islamic Banking refers to banking and financial services based on the principles of Shariah, which importantly prohibit the payment or acceptance of interest ("Riba") stemming from the fact that money is perceived only as a medium of exchange...
Category:   Personal Finance
Malaysia Budget 2014: By The Numbers
This info graphic illustrates the main highlights of Malaysia budget 2014: Malaysia Economy at a Glance, Major Sectors Impacted & Who Benefits the Most.
Category:   Finance
Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) - Why Would You Need It?
If you're taking a home loan to buy a property, chances are: you'll be required to pay for Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance, or MRTA, by the bank as part of your loan arrangement. And if you're one the tens of thousands of first-time home buyers...
Category:   Mortgage and Refinancing
Personal Loan vs Line Of Credit
At some point in our lives, most of us will take up a loan to pay for a major purchase. The go-to party in this case would be financial institutions like banks that make most of their income by lending money, issuing personal loans or lines of...
Category:   Loans
Reasons for Unsuccessful Travel Insurance Claims
There are many reasons why your travel insurance claims may be unsuccessful. Below are some of the common reasons: Failure to notify the insurance company. The most important part of making a travel insurance claim is to contact your insurance...
Category:   Travel Insurance
Retirement Planning: Calculate How Much You Need in 5 Simple Steps
No one can work forever - which makes retirement planning an important subject whether you're employed or running your own business. But before you can start working towards achieving your retirement goals, you'll need to determine the amount...
Category:   Retirement Planning
The Importance Of Diversification In Investment
Diversification is by far the most underrated and least understood concept in investing. Intuitively, it should make sense. You shouldn't "put all your eggs in one basket"...When we diversify, we reduce the risk of losing money. Many investors...
Category:   Investing
The Personal Accident Insurance Claim Process
Once you have purchased your choice of personal accident insurance, it would only be natural for you to be questioning the way these policies work and want to learn the correct procedure for your convenience. Here are some important things to note...
Category:   Insurance
The Psychology of Investment
Psychology plays an important role in investment. Many people (including seasoned investors) don't realise the influence psychology has on an investor's decision making. Below, we introduce two concepts that are not only interesting, but also...
Category:   Investing

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