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Police Sniff Dog Found Reliable to Court Despite Signaling the Presence of Narcotics That Did Not Exist
We have all seen it. Police pull over a car. The driver of the car gets out and the police bring a dog to the car. The dog is often a German Shepherd. The dog jumps into the car and sniffs around. The dog may signal to the police handler that...
Category:   Criminal Law
Resentencing of a Three Strikes Sentence Often Involves Difficult Document Gathering Challenges
About four months ago, California voters approved Proposition 36 ("Prop 36") to amend the provisions of the state's Three Strikes Law (Penal Code 667(b) to (j) and 117012)
Category:   Criminal Law
Store Security Video Evidence, Without Any In-Person Identification, Can Be Used to Convict You
Often a security camera film captures the events. Often the film provides our clients a defense or impeaches the claims written in a police report. In the following case, such security camera films hurt the defendant. Over a twenty-one month...
Category:   Criminal Law
What is a Misdemeanor "Pre-Trial Hearing?"
The legal process is packed with terminology that can be misleading even to attorneys. For example, a pre-trial hearing certainly implies that trial is imminent or definite.
Category:   Criminal Law
What is Statutory Rape (Penal Code 261.5)?
Statutory rape is defined under Penal Code 261.5 as sexual intercourse with a person under 18 years of age. The two individuals cannot be husband and wife. This crime is more broadly often referred to as unlawful sex with a minor, although this...
Category:   Criminal Law
When an Arrestee is Detained, It is Unconstitutional to Search a Car Without a Warrant
Under most circumstances of an arrest, police are able to validly search a vehicle because the vehicle is considered an area within the arrestee's immediate control. Officer safety and evidence preservation are implicated in such situations.
Category:   Human Rights

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