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Basic Grammar Rules
Religiously following the most basic grammar rules can make us good communicators aside from being good writers. By following certain rules in grammar and in good writing in general, we ensure that our readers will understand us and our...
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English Grammar Rules on Pronouns and Antecedents
Pronouns and their antecedents are as much as source of grammar mistakes as the subjects and their verbs. Per grammar rules, the antecedent is the word (noun or pronoun) that a pronoun replaces. As a general principle, pronouns and...
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English Grammar Rules on Subject-Verb Agreement
In the English grammar, the subject-verb agreement is perhaps the most important ground rule that every writer should master, if not perfect. However, it also a pit into, which, many writers, especially novices, fall from time to time.
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Most Common English Grammar Mistakes People Make
It's common for people these days to mispronounce or misspell a word. It's also becoming more frequent for people to misuse words in a sentence. Too often, people are using the wrong words or using the correct words but using them in the...
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The History of English Grammar
The first stage of development of the English grammar started during the early 16th century. William Bullokar wrote and published a book entitled "Pamphlet for Grammar" in 1586. Bullokar wrote the book to purposely address the...
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The Truth on How English Grammar Affects Your Business
As an entrepreneur, learning the English grammar is probably the least of your priorities. There's a need to improve marketing methods, conduct meetings with employees, increase sales, talk to your accountant, and the list goes on...
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Top 5 English Grammar Rules
Agreement is one of the most fundamental English grammar rules every individual must consider when learning the basics of the English language. An Agreement is a form of sentence that primarily refers to the parts of the sentence...
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