Last modified: April 4, 2017

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR SOFTWARE TO LAWYERMENT. By submitting your software and content (collectively, the "Software") to Lawyerment, you agree to be bound by the Lawyerment Terms & Conditions as well as the following terms and conditions (the "TOC").

We prohibit certain types of software and we require that developers conduct business according to certain standards. Because software is constantly evolving, this TOC is neither exhaustive nor static and may be updated at anytime.

Please check this TOC periodically for changes. Each version of this TOC will be identified at the top of this page by its effective date. Your continued use of Lawyerment services and submission of Software to Lawyerment following the posting of changes to this TOC will mean you accept those changes.

We may decline or remove applications, in our sole discretion at anytime and for any reasons not specifically mentioned below:

Security, privacy, and control

Viruses, spyware, and malware

You will not submit Software that contains viruses, Trojan horses, malicious adware, spyware, or other potentially harmful components including without limitation:

  • Software that installs viruses, worms, Trojans, malicious adware, spyware, or other malware at any point during or after installation.
  • Software that installs the above items via links to other software or websites.
  • Software that installs without notice and the user's consent.
  • Software that includes or uses surreptitious data collection. Software that collects and transmits information about end users or end users' computer usage without adequate prior notification.
  • Software that diverts or modifies end users' default browsers, search-engine home pages, providers, security, or privacy-protection settings.
  • Software that interferes with users' control and privacy.
  • Links of developers' websites that may enable the installation of the above items.

EULA and installation prompts

As part of your Software submission, you will provide users with clear and easy to read End-User license agreement and uninstall instructions which shall allow users to cancel the installation if they do not agree to the terms. Without limitation, you will not submit:

  • Software that installs in a concealed manner or denies users an opportunity to read the license agreement and/or to knowingly consent to the installation.
  • Software that induces installation by making false or misleading claims about the Software or the Software developer.
  • Software with license agreements that do not clearly or adequately disclose critical information about the Software or additional items included with the installation.

Software bundling

You must clearly disclosed any additional programs or third-party items included with the downloadable file during the installation process and users must be given a clear way to opt out of all additional items during installation.

Without limitation, you will not submit Software which:

  • Include additional programs or third-party items that are not clearly disclosed in the Software description, end-user license agreement, or installation screens.
  • Do not offer users the ability to opt out of or cancel the installation of additional items included with the installation.
  • Include icons or shortcuts placed on a user's desktop without adequate prior disclosure or permission.

Removal and uninstallation

As part of your Software submission, you will provide clear and easy to read uninstall and removal instructions regarding your Software.

Without limitation, you will not submit:

  • Software that requires users to give up personal information to uninstall.
  • Software that cannot be properly or safely removed due to errors or other programming issues.
  • Software that prevents its own uninstallation or disablement.

Quality and content

Software quality

You are solely responsible for the quality and integrity of your Software and will not submit Software that does not meet the highest industry standards.

Without limitation, you will not submit:

  • Software with obvious quality or stability issues (crashing, error screens).
  • Alpha, beta, or prerelease software not approved for listing by an editor.
  • Software that generates a significant volume of negative feedback or complaints from users.
  • Software that does not meet the general highest quality industry standards.

Prohibited software

Software quality

You will not submit:

  • Casino, gambling, or betting Software with real wagering.
  • Pornography-focused applications or programs containing nudity, graphic sex acts or sexually explicit material.
  • Hacking and spamming tools including without limitation Email-extraction programs, anonymous bulk mailers, and mass-messaging IM utilities, Search-engine-manipulation and doorway-page-creation tools.
  • Software that infringes the intellectual property rights of others, including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright and other proprietary rights.
  • Software that enables users to cheat in online games.
  • Software that enables users to copy encrypted commercial DVDs.
  • Software that downloads streaming videos that are prohibited by the content provider. Example: YouTube and Google Video.
  • PC-monitoring applications with remote-install capabilities.
  • Illegal software products.
  • Software that contains, promotes or links back to sites with inappropriate, offensive, or sexually explicit content.
  • Software that installs proxies for ad-injection, change existing root certificate authorities, or perform any actions that might interfere with expected servers' communication authentication and compromise user's security against "man in the middle" attacks.

Access and usability

Download links

You will provide links that will immediately initiate the file download.

Product usability

At minimum, Software products submitted to our library must be working demos, and we will only accept free products or functional trial versions that allow users to experience the software adequately. We will not accept:

  • Trials that require users to enter a credit card number.
  • Passive demos (Slide shows or self-running demos).
  • Expired trial versions or Software that does not load.

Data integrity

Download counts and user opinions

You will not attempt to artificially affect download counts or user ratings. You are encouraged to link to Software pages on Lawyerment, but only via an approved button or badge, and may not submit reviews for your own Software or solicit others to do so.

The following behaviors are prohibited:

  • Running bots or scripts for the purpose of artificially influencing download counts for your Software on Lawyerment.
  • Linking from your Website directly to a download URL or post-download page on Lawyerment.
  • Posting a user review for your Software or soliciting others to do so.
  • Intimidating or coercing end users for any reason related to Lawyerment user reviews.

Duplicate listings

You will not provide multiple, separate listings for the same Software or company. We may remove or suspend listings we feel are identical or substantially similar and delete the Lawyerment Accounts of those involved.

Software sets

New software can only be added as new Software listings and may not be submitted as modifications to already established Software sets.