These editorial guidelines are provided to assist you in understanding our basic criteria for article submissions.


Lawyerment reviewers are highly selective about articles that we accept. Only articles of general interest will be considered for publication. As a general rule, we accept articles that are not country- or brand-specific. Please write from a neutral point of view and that you have no conflict of interest.

Articles with blatant and excessive self-promotion, hype and keywords will be deleted without any notice!


Your article:

  1. MUST BE an original article and NOT a ripped-off article from public domain.

  2. MUST NOT submit more than one copy of any article to our directory. Author who submits the same article with only a few words changed in the body to multiple categories will be banned.

  3. MUST NOT be a press release, advertisement, sales letter and promotional copy.

  4. MUST BE written in English and HAVE proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Your article MUST also be proof read and double-checked for accuracy. Any article that requires an excessive amount of editing will be rejected.

  5. MUST NOT contain information that are libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal or otherwise objectionable that would constitute or encourage a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party or that would otherwise give rise to liability or violate any law.

  6. MUST NOT contain information that promotes: Term papers or essays for sale to college students, PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, the promotion of email safe-lists or bulk email spamming, advocacy for paid auto-surf programs, advocacy of click fraud or clicking on Adsense ads, advocacy of creating MFA's (Made For Adsense) sites, or advocacy of Adsense Arbitrage.

  7. MUST NOT contain excessive keywords or phrases. Bolding is limited to headings and subheadings.


    1. Special characters - such as the slash (/), plus sign (+), braces ({}) and square brackets ([]) - are NOT allowed. The ampersand (&) will be replaced by and, unless it is part of a formal name.
    2. All capitals should NOT be used.
    3. Replace Microsoft Word smart quotes with standard quotes, apostrophes, double dashes or 3 periods in a row.
    4. HTML elements are NOT supported. Articles with HTML tags in the title will be rejected.
    5. NO author name and website URL are allowed.

    1. MUST have a first name and a last name.
    2. First and Last name MUST begin with a capital Letter.
    3. NO company names, email addresses, URLs, numbers are allowed to be an author name.

    1. We allow only one author account per user but you are allowed to have alternate author names under your account, such as a pen-name or if you are an author's assistant or manage articles for multiple different authors.
    2. The Author Terms and Conditions and this Editorial Guidelines also apply to any alternate authors, so be sure you have written permission to submit the articles under any alternate author name that you might setup.

    1. MUST HAVE a minimum of 500 words.
    2. Copyrights and Reprint Rights statements MUST BE at the end of your article and MUST NOT conflict with our Author Terms and Conditions.
    3. The following HTML tags are ALLOWED:
      • Paragraph: <p>
      • Bold: <b>
      • Italic: <i>
      • Line Break: <br />
      • Anchor: <a href>
      • Ordered List: <ol>
      • Unordered List: <ul>

      HTML TAGS NOTE: Be sure to CLOSE every tag that you OPEN. A common mistake authors make is to OPEN a BOLD tag <b> and forget to CLOSE it </b>, causing the rest of the article to look BOLDED.

    4. Other HTML tags are NOT ALLOWED such as:
      • JavaScript: <javascript>
      • Image: <img>
      • Font: <font>
      • Headings: <h1> ... <h6>
      • Horizontal Rule: <hr>
      • Block Quote: <blockquote>

    5. Replace Microsoft Word smart quotes with standard quotes, apostrophes, double dashes or 3 periods in a row.
    6. Your article MUST be single spaced, MUST use appropriate paragraph breaks, and MUST use correct formatting for bulleted or numbered lists.

    1. You are allowed to place a link in your article body.
    2. Confine your self-promotional links to your author bio.

    1. NO HTML tags are allowed. Articles with HTML tags in the summary or abstract will be rejected.
    2. NO website links or email addresses are permitted.

    1. Please choose the most appropriate category for your article - based on the theme of your article instead of your business.
    2. If there is NO suitable category for your article, please DO NOT submit your article. We are unable to accept your article at this time. You may suggest a new category using our Web form and choosing the subject line "Article Contributions."