How do I buy the full version of a proprietary software?

If you want to buy a program, check if you can find the Buy now button on the program's review.

Lawyerment Download Buy Button

Once you click on the Buy Now, you will be redirected to the order form, software publisher's selling platform or online store of some of our affiliates, where you will find its total price, payment methods and other relevent information about the program.

Note: Lawyerment does not sell programs directly. Therefore we don't have any access to the orders, license keys or provide technical support.

If you have any questions concerning a program you purchased through this Buy Now button, please check the confirmation e-mail you received at the end of the purchase process. You should find all the relevant contact information you need.

Where there is no Buy Now button available on the program's review, you can obtain the purchase information usually within the Help menu of the software. Run the program and click on the Help menu. Look for registration or order details.