Abbreviations used in the Lawyerment Law Dictionary are explained in the table below

Abbreviation Meaning
abbr. abbreviation
absol. absolute(ly)
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
Anat. Anatomy
assim. assimilated
attrib. attibutive(ly)
attrib. adj. attributive adjective
aux. auxiliary
Bibl. Biblical
collect. collective(ly)
colloq. colloquial(ly)
comb. combination
compar. comparative
compl. complement
conj. conjunction
contr. contraction
demons. Adj. demonstrative adjective
derog. derogatory
Econ. Economics
ellipt. elliptical(ly)
emphat. emphatic
esp. especially
fem. feminine
foll. followed
Gk Greek
Gram. Grammar
Hist. History
hist. with history reference
imper. imperative
infin. infinitive
int. interjection
interrog. interrogative
interrog. adv. Interrogative adverb
interrog. pron. interrogative pronounce
Ir. Irish
iron. ironical
joc. jocular
Judg. Judges
Lev. Leviticus
masc. masculine
Mil. Military
Abbreviation Meaning
n. noun
neg. negative
N. Eng. Northern English
n. pl. noun plural
obj. objective (case)
offens. offensive
opp. as opposed to
orig. originally
Parl. Parliament(ary)
part. participle
past part. past participle
phr. phrases
pl. plural
Polit. Politics
poss. possessive (case)
poss. pron. possessive pronoun
prec. preceded
predic. predicative(ly)
predic. Adj. predicative adjective
prep. preposition
pres. present
pres.part. present participle
pron. pronoun
propr. proprietary term
ref. reference
refl. reflexive
rel. adj. relative adjective
rel. adv. relative adverb
rel. pron. relative pronoun
Relig. Religion
Rev. Revelation
Rom. Roman
sing. singular
Stock Exch. Stock Exchange
superl. superlative
symb. symbol
US in American use
usu. usually
v. verb
var. variant(s)
v.aux. auxiliary verb
v.refl. reflexive verb