Why have I been limited to six questions per day? Why is the system asking me to wait five minutes before asking another question?

Asking questions can be difficult and we want you to have a good experience on the site by receiving prompt, helpful vetted answers to your questions. We realize that when you come to ask questions, you're in a bit of hurry, because you're looking for answers to help you. This has resulted in a history of questions that have been poorly-received by our community - so we're asking you to slow down and take a short break. Have a closer look around the site and learn to ask better questions.

The best way to spend the time is to look at some of the most viewed and highly up-voted questions, by sorting them according to "views" and "votes" respectively.

You'll notice that these questions have a few things in common:

  • They use correct grammar, capitalization and punctuation, to the best of the author's ability
  • They state a clear problem that needs solving and include any relevant details needed to illustrate the problem in a way that others can reproduce
  • They have clear and descriptive titles, usually in the form of a question
  • They get straight to the point, are easy to read and are easy to understand

How can I get answers to my urgent questions then?

You can search! Many questions have already been asked and answered - finding and learning from those answers saves both of us time. This also lets you practice how to search before asking additional questions.