How do I upload an image to my post?

You must be a registered user to post images.

To include an image in your post, the image must be uploaded to Lawyerment so we don't have to be concerned about the long term availability of the image. Most image hosting services will not keep images hosted indefinitely for free. Therefore, we no longer allow direct embedding of images from third-party websites in your post.

Adding an image to a question or answer is as easy as...

  1. Insert your cursor in the place in the text where you want the image to appear. You can also place your cursor on a blank line if you want the image to appear by itself instead.
  2. Click the "Add an image to post" link to launch the image uploader interface.
  3. Select an image from your computer.
  4. Click the "Upload" button and you're done!

Max file size is 800KB.

Supported image formats: jpg, jpeg, gif and png. Animated gif images are not currently supported.

As a spam prevention mechanism, you can only upload a maximum of 20 images per day and embed a maximum of 5 images per post, so use them wisely.

We DO NOT recommend embedding images in your post. Instead copy and paste or type the actual text into the post directly. Text in images can't be copied and pasted into an editor and compiled in order to be reproduced.