How do I delete my profile?

Your Answers profile deletion is irreversible! By sending this request, all your content will be made anonymous and your Answers profile will be removed from your account.

Content you've posted on Lawyerment Answers is licensed to Lawyerment in accordance with the Lawyerment Terms and Conditions, and you therefore cannot request that it be deleted with your account.

Deleting your Answers profile won't delete your My Lawyerment Account.

Please contact the Lawyerment Answers Team. Visit the contact form and select 'Lawyerment Answers'. In the message box, enter 'I need to delete my user profile' and let us know why you're leaving. Don't forget to include your display name or username and year of birth for verification.

Please note that profile deletion is not instant. It might take up to 30 days for your request to be processed.