Lawyerment was launched in 1999 as a provider of easy-to-understand legal information to its user community. At that time, legal information on the Internet was scarce. Lawyerment has made great strides in this area with localised content for legal concerned users and making such information easily available on the Internet. Our information posted received very positive response that it continued to grow over the years. We'll keep the momentum going.

Lawyerment not only created a platform that enables consumers to access necessary information about legal services but also an excellent vehicle for lawyers to locate and develop relationship with other lawyers.

Today, Lawyerment is Malaysia's premier and leading web portal in providing a broad array of self-help legal guides to consumers and businesses globally. It is a super useful site at a comprehensive gateway to legal resources.

Our mission is to provide self-help legal information in simple and clear terminology for individual to better understand the Malaysian legal system. Equipping Malaysians with solid legal knowledge gives them the opportunity for better understanding of their legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. This will ultimately contribute to an effective society -- and help improve the quality and efficiency of legal services in Malaysia.