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About Lawyerment

Managed and developed by ZingHo, Lawyerment was launched in 1999 as a spin-off from Magnificent Communication with the objective to provide a broad array of self-help and easy-to-understand legal information to consumers and businesses globally. Our office is located in Malaysia.

Today, Lawyerment is a super useful site at a comprehensive gateway to legal resources and services. It is not only a platform that enables businesses and consumers to access legal information but also an excellent vehicle for potential clients in need of legal services to connect with lawyers.

Our Main Products and Services

Lawyerment Answers

Searchable legal questions and answers. Post your question for free or find answers to previously asked questions.

Lawyerment Lawyer Directory

Searchable global directory of qualified lawyers covering 29 countries.

Lawyerment Library

Self-help legal information in simple and clear terminology for individual to better understand the law and legal rights.

Lawyerment Law Dictionary

Searchable online law dictionary that lets you get the definitions, word origins and pronunciations of legal terms.