Malaysian Public Schools Directory

The Schools Directory can be accessed at Education Management Information System Portal (EMIS) which is managed by Educational Planning and Policy Research Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia.

The Schools Directory may be useful for finding a range of information on the educational programmes provided by the schools (Government Schools and Government Assisted Schools) throughout Malaysia.

The Education Management Information System Portal (EMIS) official website features List of schools (Primary and Secondary) by States, School Profiles, Physical School Info [teachers' quarters, school building, boarding school, amenities], School Search (by Code or Name), Statistics (Total primary and secondary schools [session, type, state] in Malaysia, Total primary & secondary students/enrollment [level, gender, race, overseas student, Islamic student, boarding school] in Malaysia and total primary & secondary school teachers [profile, total according to subject taught, gender, race] in Malaysia).
Notes:   Available in Malay version only.

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