Introduction to the Special Education (Pendidikan Khas)

An introduction to the Special Education in Malaysia by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. Services to children with disabilities are the responsibilities of three (3) Ministries - Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Women, family and Community Development (MWFCD) and the Ministry of Education (MoE). Education for these children is administered by two (2) Ministry - MoE and MWFCD. MWFCD provides educational services to children with these disabilities: severe physical disability, severe and mild retardation, multiple disabilities and disabilities that does not allow the children to study in schools provided by MoE. MoE provides education services for students with special visual, auditory and learning disabilities as well as special remedial students. The categories for children with learning disabilities within the purview of the MoE are: Down Syndrome, Mild Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Minimal Mental Retardation and Special Learning Disability (ie Dyslexia).

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Guide ID: 2918 - Last Updated: July 4, 2013