Aedon Journal of Arts and Law

Aedon, Journal of Arts and Law (ISSN: 1127-1345), established in 1998, is a periodical Italian language journal published three times annually by il Mulino, Bologna, Italy. Conceived and launched by a small group of Law Professors, now members of the Board of Directors, as an innovative peer-reviewed electronic scientific journal dedicated to Arts and Law.

The Journal goal is to further awareness, knowledge and discussion on a variety of theoretical and practical matters relating to cultural heritage preservation and management, landscape protection and valorization, performing arts policy, film industry regulation, intellectual property and cultural policy. To that end Aedon offers critical analysis of current issues and debates organizing symposiums on these topics and publishing articles that serve both practitioners and academicians.

Since its founding Aedon has published hundreds of articles which remain all retrievable to readers in its electronic archive. Regular features also include important documents and texts of legislation and court decisions - international coverage.

All issues are available with free access in HTML format starting from Number 1/1998.
Address:   Societa editrice il Mulino
Strada Maggiore 37
40125 Bologna

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