Alaska Law Review (ALR)

The Alaska Law Review (ALR) is a scholarly publication that examines legal issues affecting the state of Alaska, United States. It is composed of second and third year law students from Duke University School of Law, and governed by a faculty advisor committee.

The Alaska Law Review (ALR) publishes in June and December. In publishing these issues, the Alaska Law Review (ALR) seeks to provide articles related to current legal trends and issues of practical importance to the Alaska Bar. The Alaska Law Review (ALR) also publishes an annual Year-in-Review consisting of short summaries of significant court decisions from Alaska Superior Courts, the Alaska Court of Appeals, the Alaska Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court for the District of Alaska, and the Ninth Circuit.

The Alaska Bar Association recognizes a need for a scholarly publication devoted specifically to issues affecting Alaska. Alaska does not, however, have a state law school so the Alaska Bar selected Duke University School of Law to publish the Alaska Law Review (ALR).

All issues are available for download (PDF format) free of charge as of Volume 1 (1984). Alaska Law Review (ALR) is published annually on a two issues per-volume basis.

Hard copy subscriptions are available at US$30.00 for United States and US$36.00 for international.
Address:   Alaska Law Review
Duke University School of Law

210 Science Drive
Box 90364
Durham, NC 27708-0364
United States

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