A service by the Jabatan Kehakiman Syariah Malaysia-JKSM (Department of Syariah Judiciary Malaysia). e-Syariah is the 7th project under the Electronic Government flagship application of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). A case management system that integrates the processes related to management of cases for the Syariah Courts. The main objectives of e-Syariah are to improve the quality services of the Syariah Courts; to improve the effectiveness of JKSM in coordinating and supervising related agencies under its jurisdiction; to improve the productivity and efficiency of the management of the Syariah Courts throughout Malaysia; and to uphold the splendors of Islam through the use of ICT. The e-Syariah official site features e-form, court procedures and processes, case type, Faraid calculation, Syariah criminal case registration, court case schedules, court directory and Syarie lawyer registration system.
Notes:   Available in Malay version only.
Website:   www.esyariah.gov.my/

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