Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Society Malaysia

Commonly known as Tzu Chi Malaysia.

The Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society was established in Taiwan in 1966 to provide relief and assistance to the poor. Today this charitable society has developed globally into Tzu Chi Foundation with its missions of charity, medicine, education, humanitarianism, international disaster relief, bone marrow donation, environmental protection and community volunteerism.

In 1989, the seed of Tzu Chi's loving kindness was brought to Malaysia. On August 11, 1993, the Penang liaison office was officially set up, followed by establishment of other sub-branches. in 1997, Tzu Chi set up its first dialysis center in Penang followed by two more in Butterworth and Jitra to provide free dialysis treatment for the poor. In June 2002, the Heart Lotus Palliative Care Service Unit was launched to provide counseling and care to terminally ill patients.
Address:   Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia
316, Jalan Macalister,
10450 Penang,
Notes:   Most content available in Chinese language only. Also see Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia (English version) - http://english.tzuchimalacca.com/
Website:   www.tzuchi.org.my/

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