Engrish was formed in 1996 and formally registered in 1999. Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. The most popular alternative word used to describe the phenomenon of Japanese English is Japlish. Other terms include Janglish, Engelese (or Engalese), Englese, Japanglish, Jinglish and Nihonglish. The Engrish official website also features a Chinglish section for Chinese Engrish. Other Engrish categories include recent discoveries, anime/maga, bags/packaging, books/magazines, buildings, candy, cars, chocolate, clothing, computer, containers, drinks, gum, household items, instructions, menus, music, signs/posters, snacks, stationery, toiletries, toys, video games, Engrish from other countries, Engrish leftovers and adult Engrish.
Website:   www.engrish.com/

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