Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

Commonly known as the Muzium dan Galeri Seni in Malay.

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery aims to provide the public with an informal venue for learning about the importance of economics, Islamic banking and financial planning.

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

The Art Gallery showcases the Central Bank's collection of Malaysian and Southeast Asian art acquired since 1962.

The Museum and Art Gallery is housed in the Sasana Kijang building located on Jalan Dato' Onn and is spread over 4 levels and has a built up area of 1,018 square meter.

Through a programme of exhibitions, activities and interactive exhibits, Museum and Art Gallery aims to ignite minds, fuel creativity, and provide insight to the public.

One of the most striking features in Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery is the Nautilus Staircase that begins from the lobby and links every floor.

The Museum and Art Gallery was opened in 2011. It has six galleries: Art Gallery, Numismatics Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Economics Gallery and Children's Gallery.

- Numismatics Gallery
Discover the early history of money. Play the 'Barter Trade' game, explore the unique 'River of Coins' and see the display of world banknotes.

- Islamic Finance Gallery
Explore early Islamic concepts of commerce and finance

- Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery
Learn about the role that the Central Bank plays in nation building through prudent economic transformational policies.

- Economics Gallery
Discover how economic policies affect the development of the nation.

- Children's Gallery
Filled with hands-on games and activities based on the concept of 'Save, Spend and Share'

Facilities and Services
- Equipped with wheelchair ramps, elevators and special needs restrooms

- Free guided tours by trained Museum Guides are available subject to availability and limited to 20 participants per session. Estimated duration for each guided tour is between 60-90 minutes.

- Restrooms are available on every floor. ATM facilities, cashless payment card machines, personal lockers and prayer rooms for Muslims.

- Museum Cafe offers a selection of beverages, snacks and light meals. Regular business hours are 8am to 8pm.

- Museum Shop opens from 10am to 5:45pm featuring a selection of unique specialty gifts, jewellery, exclusive commemorative items and publications.
Address:   Museum and Art Gallery
Sasana Kijang
2 Jalan Dato' Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Open daily from 10am to 6pm, closed on first 3 days of Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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