Launched on November 30, 2012, RapidKuantan, an operating arm of Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd, commenced operation of public bus services in Kuantan and its surrounding areas on December 1 with three routes.

RapidKuantan had since progressed with 13 routes and covering as far as Pekan, Sungai Lembing, Bukit Sagu and Bukit Gambang Resort. RapidKuantan aims to expand the route operation from Beserah to Pusat Bandar.

The following are the RapidKuantan Bus routes:
* 100 Hentian Bandar - Bukit Gambang Resort City
* 101 Hentian Bandar - Taman Indera Sempurna
* 102 Hentian Bandar - Permatang Badak
* 200 Hentian Bandar - Teluk Cempedak
* 201 Hentian Bandar - Taman Gelora
* 300 Hentian Bandar - Taman Impian
* 301 Hentian Bandar - Bukit Sagu
* 302 Hentian Bandar - Indera Mahkota 1
* 303 Hentian Bandar - Terminal Sentral Kuantan
* 400 Hentian Bandar - Pekan
* 401 Hentian Bandar - Ubai
* 500 Hentian Bandar - Sg Lembing
* 601 Hentian Bandar - Polisas Semambu

Children under seven years old enjoy free service while students in school uniform and children between seven to 12 years old will be charged at half price.

Fare starts from RM2 for traveling within a single zone and a maximum of RM4 for a journey crossing two zones.

Passengers with MyRapid concession card will also enjoy a 50 percent discount on the fares.

Groups that qualified for the concession cards are primary and secondary school students, the physically-challenged and senior citizens or those aged above 60 years old. Registration and card issuance process will be completed on the spot at their booth at Level 1 of the UTC Building in Kuantan.
Facebook:   http://facebook.com/RapidKuantan
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/RapidKuantan
Website:   www.rapidkuantan.com.my

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