MyIMMs eServices Immigration Department of Malaysia

An online service by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

The system provides access to the following facilities:
  • Foreign domestic helpers' visas and passes application or renewal by employer or registered agency.

  • Foreign maid or domestic helpers and workers application status inquiry

  • Employment Pass DP10 application status inquiry (JKPD)

  • Employment Pass DP11 application status inquiry (Non-JKPD)

  • Employment Pass application (MyOnline expats)

  • Foreign Maid application (MyOnline Maid)

  • Student Pass application for Agency (MyOnline Student)

  • Visa application at Attache (MyOnline Visa)

  • Entry Permit online application (MyOnline Permit)

  • eVDR - Visa Application with Reference (Permohonan Visa Dengan Rujukan - VDR) (MyOnline VDR)

Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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