Consumer Guide: Passport and Visa

  • i-Visa
    A service by Immigration Department of Malaysia to enable visitors to Malaysia to apply for their tourist visas (Single Entry Visit only). Currently open to all registered agents from China and India.
  • Immigration Department of Malaysia
    Known as Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia in Malay term. The first permanent post of an immigration officer was created in January 1933 under The Aliens Restriction Ordinance. It was not until 1946 that the Immigration...
  • MSC Malaysia e-Xpats Centre
    MSC Malaysia e-Xpats Centre was launched in 2009 as a one-stop centre to assist foreign or expatriate knowledge workers and MSC-status companies in applying for the relevant passes for employment and stay in MSC...
  • MyIMMs eServices Immigration Department of Malaysia
    An online service by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The system provides access to the following facilities: Foreign domestic helpers' visas and passes application or renewal by employer or registered agency....