Consumer Guide: World News

  • The Guardian
    A British newspaper owned by the Guardian Media Group. Published Monday to Saturday. Originally called the Manchester Guardian and was founded in 1821.
  • The Independent
    A British compact newspaper. First published in 1986. One of the youngest UK national daily newspapers.
  • The Lawyer
    A weekly British magazine for commercial lawyers and corporate directors. Covering news stories, both domestic and global, that are shaping the world of legal business. First published in 1981.
  • The Legal Intelligencer
    The oldest daily legal newspaper in the United States. A trusted source to stay on top of the lates developments in the state and federal courts, verdicts and law firm news. Include in-dept analysis and unbiased...
  • The National Law Journal
    Founded in 1978. A weekly newspaper for the legal profession in the United States. In addition to timely news analysis each issue features recent court decisions, jury verdicts, expert practitioner columns, as well...

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