Banking Info

Also known as Info Perbankan in Malay.

Launched in 2003, BankingInfo is a Consumer Education Programme (CEP) by Bank Negara Malaysia to provide consumers with the knowledge and understanding of the wide range of banking products and services, and where assistance or advice can be obtained.

The Banking Info official website features Plan Your Finances (Managing Money, Investing Money, Managing Debt, Wealth Management for SMEs, Structured Investments), Know Your Products (Choosing the Right Saving or Current Account, Applying for Hire Purchase or Housing Loan, Knowing Your Charge and Credit Cards, Addressing Your Business Needs, Using E-Channels Internet Banking), Discover Islamic Banking (Shariah Concepts, Applying for Financing), Help & Advice (Useful Tools - Comparative Tables, Financial, Home Loan & Budget Calculator, ; Helpful Guides - Making a Complaint, Remittance of Money, Financial Scams, Becoming a Guarantor, Preparing a Business Plan, Tips; FAQs) and BNM's Learning Programmes.
Notes:   Available in English and Malay versions.

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