Merdeka Savings Bonds

Also known as the Bon Simpanan Merdaka in Malay term. An additional savings instrument by Bank Negara for senior citizens who are 55 years and above and not employed on a full-time basis. The bond will be scriptless and based on Syariah principles. Those wishing to subscribe may apply for the bond at all commercial banks, Islamic banks, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Berhad, Bank Simpanan Nasional and Bank Pertanian Malaysia during the sales period announced by the Bank Negara from time to time. The bond has a 3-year tenure, offers a return of 5% per annum (paid quaterly and tax-free) and no penalty if bonds are redeemed before maturity (after the first profit payment). The minimum investment is RM1,000 with a maximum of RM50,000. The allocation of bond is based on first come first serve basis.

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