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BUBL (British University Billboard for Libraries) was set up and published in 1999 by the Centre for Digital Library Research, University of Strathclyde. BUBL is a catalogue of carefully selected internet resources with short reviews of linked individual websites covering all academic subject areas.

The BUBL Links: Law section of the site features a list of web resources in the subject areas surrounding laws. Specific subjects covered include:

* Law: general resources
* Law: legal education
* Law: journals and magazines
* International law
* United Nations
* Intellectual property
* Constitutional and administrative law
* Military, tax, trade, industrial law
* Internet law
* Labour, social, education, cultural law
* Criminal law
* Private law
* Copyright
* Civil procedure and courts
* Law, statutes, regulations, cases
* Law of specific areas: Europe
* Law of specific areas: UK
* Law of specific areas: Canada
* Law of specific areas: United States of America
* Law of specific areas: Australia
Address:   BUBL Information Service
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University of Strathclyde
Livingstone Tower
26 Richmond Street
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Notes:   The site was no longer updated since April 2011 and originally planned to be remained live as an archive. Unfortunately, the BUBL Information Service was stopped in April 2013.
Website:   www.bubl.ac.uk/link/l/lawlinks.htm

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