Drafting Legal Documents

A guide to legal writing, from the Office of the Federal Register, United States National Archives and Records Administration as part of their effort to help agencies produce clear, enforceable regulatory documents.

The guide is a sequence of linked topics on the basics of writing regulatory documents which include arrangement, headings, definitions, ambiguity, principles of clear writing and grammar.

Key topics are:

* Arrangement
* Headings
* Purpose Clause
* Definitions
* Ambiguity
* Principles of Clear Writing
* Cross References
* Punctuation, Capitalization, Typography, and Spelling
* Format Requirements for Regulatory Documents
* Appendix A -- Words and Expressions to Avoid
* Appendix B -- Preferred Expressions

In addition, the website presents some links to plain language resources and a PDF copy of the Federal Register Document Drafting Handbook October 1998 with supplements.

The Document Drafting Handbook:

* explains how to create and submit documents that comply with OFR's requirements
* provides numerous examples illustrating common situations
* suggests solutions to drafting problems
Website:   www.archives.gov/federal-register...

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