Johore Bar

Commonly known as the Jawatankuasa Peguam Negeri Johor in Malay.

Johore Bar Committee is a body representing legal practitioners in the state of Johore.

The first Johore Bar Committee was created pursuant to Section 39 (2) of the Advocates & Solicitors Ordinance 1947. The F.M.S Enactment No.1 of 1940 known as The Advocates and Solicitors Enactment of Federated Malay States was repealed by the Ordinance.

This Ordinance was promulgated on the February 14, 1947 and in the preamble it was stated that this is "an Ordinance to amend the law with respect to Advocates & Solicitors. "By Section 3 it empowered the Registrar of the High Court in Kuala Lumpur to keep a roll of Advocates and Solicitors which shall include the date of the respective admission and enrollment of each of them and shall be entered and kept in the order of such dates". (S.3 of the Ordinance). The Ordinance stipulated that "every advocate and solicitor shall be subject to the control of the Court and shall be liable on due cause shown to have his admission revoked and to be struck off the roll of the Court or to be suspended from practice for any period not exceeding two years or to be censured". (S.26(1) of the Ordinance).

The Ordinance empowered any State in the States of Malaya to form a local Bar Committee if the number of practitioners in the State Bar exceeded 10 in number. In the event the numbers were less than 10 then 2 or more States could combine together and form a combined Bar Committee, as was once the case of Perak, Kedah, Perlis Bar Committee and Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang Bar Committee.

The local Bar Committee had powers after hearing and investigating any complaint lodged against any member of the Johore Bar to invite the Chief Justice to appoint a Disciplinary Committee comprising senior members of the Bar to show cause why his admission should not be revoked and he be struck off of Rolls or be suspended from practice for any period not exceeding 2 years or to be censured.

The official website of Johore Bar Committee features Johore Courts; Johore Legal Offices; Johore Judicial Officers; Government Department; Legal Directories; and Public Awareness.
Address:   Johore Bar Committee
No. 5 Jalan Tun Abd Razak
Susur 1/1
80000 Johor Bahru

High Court of Johor Bahru (Civil)
(Malay: Mahkamah Tinggi Johor Bahru (Sivil))
Tingkat 23,23A,25, Menara MSC Cyberport,
No.5 Jalan Bukit Meldrum, 80300 Johor Bahru

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