Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP)

Launched in November 2007, FSTEP is a national project driven by the financial sector, managed by Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia and supported by Bank Negara Malaysia. FSTEP aims to attract high calibre graduates from local and foreign institutions of higher learning to join the financial services industry - banks, Islamic banks, insurance and takaful. FSTEP is entrusted to produce 1000 highly trained financial industry professionals to have an exciting career in the financial services industry. FSTEP is targeted at high calibre graduates (Age 25 years and below; discretionally up to 30 years old) from any discipline from local and foreign institutions of higher learning. Those working in the non-financial sector with interest to pursue careers with the financial institutions of banks; investment and Islamic banks; insurance companies and Takaful operator are encouraged to apply. The FSTEP official website features Programme Streams and FSTEP Activities

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