Reporters Without Borders

Also known as the Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF). Founded in 1985 in Montpellier, France.

Reporters Without Borders is a non-profit international organization registered in France since 1995 to promote the freedom of press and information worldwide. RSF has consultant status at the United Nations and UNESCO.
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The researchers team of Reporters Without Borders is organized by geographical area. It has local correspondents in 150 countries and 10 offices and sections worldwide.

The two primarily range of activities are:
  • focused on internet censorship and new media; and
  • provides material, financial and psychological assistance to journalists assigned to dangerous areas.

The missions of Reporters Without Borders are:
  • to continuously monitor attacks on freedom of information around the globe;
  • to denounce any such attacks in the media;
  • to act in cooperation with governments to fight censorship and laws aimed at restricting freedom of information;
  • to morally and financially assist persecuted journalist, as well as their families; and
  • to offer material assistance to war correspondents in order to enhance their safety.

Reporters Without Borders publishes the World Press Freedom Index annually since 2002 on the ranking of countries based on assessment of their press freedom records.

The official website of the Reporters Without Borders features enemies of the internet, handbooks for journalists and mission reports.
Address:   International Secretariat

Reporters sans frontieres
CS 90247
75083 Paris CEDEX 02
Notes:   The website is accessible in six languages.

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